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Turbinates of nose- resection is a surgical procedure to treat the swollen nasal turbinates. The inside walls of the nose have 3 pairs of long thin bones covered with thin tissue. These bones are called nasal turbinates.

Allergies or other nasal problems can cause these turbinates to swell and block the airflow. Patients with nasal obstruction have problem in breathing through their nose, which force them to breathe through their mouth, leading to a sensation of a dry mouth.

In many cases, these symptoms get worse at night when they are lying flat. This can cause them to have less restful sleep.

Different types of turbinate surgeries are as follows :

  • Turbinectomy – All or part of the lower turbinate is taken out. This can be done in several different ways but sometimes a tiny and high-speed device (microdebrider) is used to shave off the extra tissue
  • Turbinoplasty – A tool is placed in the nose to change the position of the turbinate. This is called the out fracture technique
  • Radiofrequency or laser ablation – A thin probe is placed into the nose. Laser light or radio energy goes through this tube and shrinks the turbinate tissue