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India-Medical-Tourism-Brandiing-in-Asia-696x463Operating in strict accordance with international norms & guidelines from our corporate headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, we, ALPHINE LIFE SOLUTIONS, are a prominent solution provider of medical tourism in India. India being a global frontrunner in the medical sector is one of the most preferred destinations of medical tourists for availing high-end medical services like Bone Marrow Transplant, Organ Transplant, Cancer Treatment, etc., at low cost. Thus, we associate with prestigious names in the healthcare sector and bring forth a range of services that suits the requirements of patients, both domestic and international. Offering unhindered medical treatment is our aim and we adopt a patient-centric work culture where every endeavor is directed towards the well-being of our patients.

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We offer personalized services that makes your experience in India a stress free one. Alphine Life Solutions are here to organize, aid and assist you with personable services throughout the entire process.

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We will carefully plan and organize all your medical procedures at your chosen hospital and also take care of the following:


  • Flights & hotel accommodation/booking
  • Visa processing in case required
  • Vaccination information
  • Meet & Greet service – Pick up & drop facility at your destination airport, hotel and hospital
  • Accommodation facility for family members, caregivers or assistants. Nurse or personal assistant can also be arranged for if required
  • Provide you with a Welcome Kit containing details of your travel, stay/accommodation, procedures, appointment details, doctors resume, pictures of the hospital, and all relevant information
  • We will organize correspondence via phone calls/visits with the doctor who will be taking care of you and contact nurse for the entire procedure
  • You and your listed family members will be provided with contact numbers & support line for updates and feedback of your procedure
  • Interpreters can be arranged if required although all our doctors & nurses are well-versed with English as standard and various languages

How does Medical Tourism in India work?

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If you are traveling to India for medical treatment then we understand that you have special needs and requirements. That is why we help you at every step right from your initial communication with us to going back home after your medical treatment in India. Following are some of the ways we can help you.

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Assistance In Getting Medical Opinion And Quote

Based on the medical reports and the information on your present medical condition, we will help you to get a free no obligation expert medical opinion from some of the best doctors in India and also a cost estimate for your medical treatment.


You need not waste your time standing in queues or waiting for appointments. Once you confirm your arrival date and time, we will book all the necessary appointments for you in advance.

Best Services listed below-


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If you would like to talk to your doctor in India before arriving in India then we can arrange for a direct telephone call or video calling . You can talk to the doctor directly and get answers to all your medical related queries.

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Unlike some of the medical travel facilitation companies, we are based in India and hence we can provide you with ground assistance in India. While in India , one of us will visit you at the hospital just to make sure you are comfortable. One of us will be in touch with you throughout your stay in India and you can get in touch with us anytime if you need any help or information or even share your concerns.

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We will guide you on planning your travel and getting Indian Medical Visa.

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Generally after the discharge from the hospital your doctor may tell you to stay for 7-10 days more in India for follow-up and recovery. During such a stay, we will help you to find a good hotel or guest house nearby to the hospital . There are many options available and you can choose one according to your budget and preferences. We can also arrnage for taxi services if required.

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Prior intimation of your arrival not only helps us to book appointments in advance but also arrange for airport pick-up on the day of your arrival in India. Moreover on the day of your departure we will also drop you at the airport.


If you know to read and speak in English language then you may not need interpreter services at all. Almost all the staff members at the hospital do understand and speak English. All the reports and signage would be in English language. For those of you do not understand English language, we can arrange for language interpreters.

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If you wish then we can keep your family updated with your on going treatment or progress or your health condition. We can be in touch with them over phone or email or video call.


Once you are discharged from the hospital, we can arrange for local sight seeing or shopping. We can also help you to get local mobile phone connection, currency exchange , taxi services, flight tickets, VISA extension (if required ) etc.

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As far as your hospital bill is concerned, you’d pay the same amount if you dealt with the hospital directly. By availing our service you are not going to pay anything extra. In some cases, by availing our service you might end up paying lesser that what the hospitals would quote you directly.

We do not charge any fees or surcharges for our services – you’d pay directly to the service providers like airlines, hospital, hotel etc. We will give you options and tell you how to save money and make the best out of your medical travel.

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Medical Case Management

What is the process of Medical Tourism in India?

Dedicated 24 x 7, Professional qualified and experienced Case Manager is assigned to each patient for Personalized and focused support.

He is a Manager who assists in the planning, coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of medical services for a patient with emphasis on quality of care, continuity of services, and cost-effectiveness

  • Provides expert multiple opinions on O.P.D basis on each case to arrive at the right, reliable and accurate diagnosis.
  • Our Expert Carefully selects highly qualified and experienced doctors with proven track record as per case requirements from all over India.
  • Chooses accredited hospitals having latest technology and world class infrastructure as per the case requirements.
  • Provides 24 x 7 dedicated close monitoring and control of the entire treatment process.
  • Ensures each patient receives the best treatment outcome and avoid unwanted surgeries.
  • Provides patient with highly negotiated prices made affordable & committed, mostly do not escalate during the treatment process.
  • Ensures ths1at treatment is started as soon as patient arrives and there is no waiting time for treatment.
  • Arranges appointment and coordinates medical consultations.
  • Right from admission to discharge formalities in the hospital is taken care by the manager
  • Escorts the patient for all surgery appointments.
  • Provision of complete supervision, coordination and management of treatment.
  • Complete approach and knowledge of Ayurveda, allopathic and alternative Indian medicines.

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Alphine Life Case Manager’s responsibilities include the following functions:

By choosing Alphine Life for Medical Case Management, patients, clients and their members benefit from:
Advocacy & Education:

  • Will be patient’s advocate
  • Will fully ensure that patient has needed education and information about the health problem.

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  • Will Coordinate multiple aspects of patient care.
  • Will Ensure selection of the best and most appropriate doctors.
  • Will Coordinate consultations and communication with the doctors.
  • Will Ensure that the patient receives the prescribed treatment.

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  • Assistance with the patient admission in the hospital to discharge from hospital.
  • Will Ensure smooth transitioning of the patient to the appropriate level of care.

Utilization/Financial Management:

  • Carry out resource utilization and reimbursement for services.
  • Will provide accurate and comprehensive medical cost projections.
  • Will keep track of costs through the complete treatment process.
  • Regulate increased cost savings and efficiency.

Performance & Outcomes Management:

  • Ensuring, keeping track, and if needed, intervening to achieve desired goals and outcomes for the patient.
  • Assessment of results for patient & adjustment of the care plan.
  • Assesment of overall program effectiveness & adjustment of the program.
  • As per medical condition care planning that includes monitoring of treatment plan effectiveness at each stage.

Psychosocial Management:

  • Evaluating and addressing psychosocial needs including individual, familial, environmental.
  • Keep continuous communication with the patient, family and physician.
  • Ensure proper transitions of care, discharge and often post discharge follow up. star