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What is Thyroplasty?

The surgical procedure of Thyroplasty is done to place an implant in the larynx or the voice box along with the vocal cord. In this, the position of the vocal cord is changed in order to make them stronger. The purpose of the implant is to allow the paralyzed vocal cord to arrive at the mid line. The aim of the surgery is to eliminate the problems arising from the weakening of the vocal cords such as choking or coughing while swallowing and it also corrects the voice disorders.

Different Types of Thyroplasty

Type 1 Thyroplasty: The surgical procedure is performed by placing the vocal cords near to each other in order to reduce the outcomes of the abductor spasms.
Type 2 Thyroplasty: The surgical procedure is performed by spreading the vocal cords apart by a shin. This helps in separating the vocal cords by not allowing them to come in contact during the spasms.

Thyroplasty Procedure

  • The surgery takes place under local anesthesia together with intravenous sedation that is applied to the patient.
  • In the crease of the neck, an incision is made.
  • The fiber optic Laryngoscope is done in order to view the vocal cords and topical anesthesia is given in the nose.
  • The surgeon may ask to speak while performing the surgery in order to know the improvement in the voice when the adjustments are carried out on the vocal cords.
  • The swelling can be reduced by using steroids and many times swelling makes it hard to measure the correct estimates regarding the size of both the placements and implants.
  • The surgeon then closes the incision by covering with a dressing.
  • Before Thyroplasty (vocal fold surgery)
  • Vocal cords are thoroughly examined.
  • Voice tests are performed.
  • To examine the vocal fold pliability and the vocal fold closure, Laryngeal Stroboscope is performed.
  • The aerodynamic requirements of the patients are tested according to the patient’s airway.
  • The type of the Thyroplasty is selected by examining the requirements of the patient.