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Cost of Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant is related with catastrophic out-of-pocket expenditure and pushes the majority of patients who come for treatment to hospitals into severe financial crisis. Direct expenses included physician fees, cost of disposables  and drugs, dialysis, and expenses on investigations and hospitalization. Indirect expenses included travel, food, stay, and loss of income suffered by the family. Need for Out Of Pocket (OOP) financing leaves the family exposed to risk of hidden expenditures. Most patients do not have health insurance and meet treatment expenditure from their own resources.

Kidneys play a very vital role in maintaining a balance in the body. Their main function is to act like a filter and remove the excess fluid and waste from the blood. When they lose this ability, it leads to a build-up of fluids and waste in the body, which can be fatal. This condition is commonly known as kidney failure and requires a kidney transplant. A surgery is performed to replace a person’s malfunctioning or faulty kidney.India is today is considered the most favoured destination for kidney transplant due to high success rate, best quality of treatment, hospitals having latest technology and surgeons are highly skilled. Due to high volume the cost of transplant becomes more and more affordable.

Kidney transplant cost in India varies depending upon your medical condition, blood group matching with the donor, surgeon, facility and the city where you choose to get the surgery done.

Kidney transplant cost in best kidney hospitals in India starts from around USD 4,000 and varies with various factors.

How can Alphine life help in reducing cost of kidney transplant.

Alphine Life Solutions assigns case manger to individual patients. These manages are well educated in the medical field which inturn helps patients to connect with the right surgeon and hospital depending on the condition of patient. These Managers work out all inclusive cost with the hospital with no further or hidden charges to be paid after discharge or during transplant.

Alphine Life has made its mark as best medical tourim company for kidney transplant due to highest success rate at affordable price. International patients by word of Mouth Prefer Alphine Life for transplant , it helps in generating high volumes to hospital. Hospital is the in a position to offer discounts on medicine, bed charges and donot charge hefty fess of surgeon.