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Cancer Treatment Facilities in India

Cancer is a Main cause of death across the world. Early detection of cancer plays  important role in the successful treatment. For the diagnosis and treatment of cancer you need Latest Technology and an Highly skilled team of specialists and Doctors from different specialities. A carefully designed and a multidisciplinary approach plays Decisive role in the treatment of cancer. Many countries in the world do not have the technology, infrastructure or skilled cancer Doctors to provide good quality treatment for cancer patients. In some other countries cancer treatment is very expensive and not many people can afford. Hence many people travel to other countries in search of high quality and affordable cancer treatment. India is one of the most preferred destinations for cancer treatment for many cancer patients across the world due to cost, quality, expertise and the technology that Indian Hospitals have to offer

It is a myth that we get best cancer treatment abroad. When it comes to treating cancer, India is  one of the best in the world today.It has the finest surgeons here and right from the hospitals, to the treatment and surgery equipments, technique used, and post-treatment care as well as cost.

Indian Hospitals are centre of excellence in patient care,medical education and research. The skilled and experienced surgeons follow the protocols of international standard to provide cost effective hostilic service.

Some cancers treated in India

Adrenal Cancer

Anal Cancer

Aplastic Anemia

Bile Duct Cancer

Bladder Cancer

Bone Cancer

Brain/CNS Tumors In Adults

Brain/CNS Tumors In Children

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer In Men

Cancer in Children

Cervical Cancer

Colon/Rectum Cancer

Endometrial Cancer

Esophagus Cancer

Ewing Family Of Tumors

Eye Cancer

Gallbladder Cancer

Gastrointestinal Carcinoid Tumors

Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST)

Gestational Trophoblastic Disease

Hodgkin Disease

Kaposi Sarcoma

Kidney Cancer

Laryngeal and Hypopharyngeal Cancer

Leukemia – Acute Lymphocytic (ALL) in Adults

Leukemia – Acute Myeloid (AML)

Leukemia – Chronic Lymphocytic (CLL)

Leukemia – Chronic Myeloid (CML)

Leukemia – Chronic Myelomonocytic (CMML)

Leukemia in Children

Liver Cancer

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer – Non-Small Cell

Lung Cancer – Small Cell

Lung Carcinoid Tumor

Lymphoma of the Skin

Malignant Mesothelioma

Multiple Myeloma

Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinus Cancer

Nasopharyngeal Cancer


Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma In Children/p>

Oral Cavity and Oropharyngeal Cancer


Ovarian Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Penile Cancer

Pituitary Tumors

Prostate Cancer


cancer hospitals in India offer

Screening services are provided for Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Lung Cancer, Endometrial  and Ovarian Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Skin Cancer. cancer hospitals in India have the latest screening and diagnostic equipment. The hospitals seek advantage of the expertise and latest advances in the technology of cancer detection to provide mordern screening services.

Cancer hospitals with state of the art laboratory in India offer patients the widest range of pathological investigations including all subspecialties like haematology, microbiology ,clinical pathology, biochemistry,  histopathology, molecular pathology, cytology, and cytogenetic. The laboratory has well trained and experienced staff. The imaging services at our network cancer hospitals in India cover a wide range of nuclear medicine tests and radiological test tests that are helpful in cancer diagnosis. The hospitals have latest imaging systems like the PACS, 3D Mammography,Fluoroscopy,Ultrasonography with Colour Doppler, PET-CT Scan ,CT Scan,MRI Scan, 64 slice , SPECT-CT Scan etc.

cancer hospitals in India have patient friendly rooms for administering chemotherapy drugs. The rooms are designed to provide a very comfortable, pleasant and safe setting for the patients during chemotherapy treatment. The rooms have ultra mordern treatment stations for the infusion and chemotherapy. This also offers an on-site phlebotomy draw-station to facilitate quick turnaround of laboratory tests Makeup Artist in Mumbai .

cancer hospitals in India have dedicated Haematology departments or Units that are completely equipped with Mordern and advanced equipment. The Haematology Units have skilled haematologists and team who work closely with medical oncologists in planning the treatment for the patients.

cancer hospitals in India have the best cancer surgeons in India. They have a very vast experience and have worked in some of the leading cancer treatment centres across the world. The cancer surgeons use the latest and most ultra mordern technique like robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery for treating various types of cancers. The robotic-assisted minimally invasive cancer surgery has some advantages for the patients like less pain and discomfort, less blood loss and a quickest recovery.

cancer hospitals in India have ultra Mordern technology for radiation therapy like the True Beam ,Novalis, Cyberknife etc. These highly developed machines provide superior reach and manoeuvrability, precision that minimizes exposure to surrounding healthy tissues or cells , superior precision by tracking movement of body and confirming the tumor location prior to beam delivery , non-invasive procedure without the requirement for metal frames and skull pins and the procedure consumes much lesser time when compared to traditional methods or technology used in radiation therapy.

Affordable cancer treatments thru Alphine Life

Alphine Life associated cancer hospitals in India offer complete cancer care right from screening to palliative care. Cancer treatment may include chemotherapy, transfusions, radiation or surgery or a combination of these things. Some patients may require many types treatments. Our network cancer hospitals in India offer state of the art medical technology and equipment, ultra mordern cancer treatment techniques and highly skilled cancer specialists and doctors that allow patients to have complete and up-to-date treatment .Every year a large number of cancer patients from across the globe come to our associated cancer hospitals in India for cancer treatment. These hospitals offer the lowest cost for cancer treatment when compared to leading medical travel destination in the world. You will get world-class cancer treatment at lowest cost.

The hospitals have dedicated Medical Oncology units that focus on patient-centred care. The staff members of the medical oncology unit will not only address your medical concerns but also your emotional and psychosocial needs. They have a holistic approach in cancer care. The hospitals have trained and experienced team of oncologists, haematologists and other staff who meticulously design the chemotherapy treatments to be accurately and conveniently synchronized for the patients. They provide a wide range of expertise for different types of cancers.